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  • The Sub-Saharan Eclipse

    While I decided to hands off writing any more story on Mark Zuckerberg’s Lagos visit . I found an article that touched on the issue of labelling Nigeria and 45 or 47 other African nations (depending on who you ask) as sub-Saharan Africa. Thereby denying unique nationalities more precise identifiers. Zuck’s visit brought that up […]

  • On Mark Zuckerberg’s Trip to Nigeria

    Nigerian youths celebrated Marks Zuckerberg’s trip to Lagos and earlier today, Abuja. So many talked about how the 6th richest man in the world could relate with people with such ease. As against rich folks within our community.But that doesn’t point to the purpose of his trip to Nigeria and his opinion on the technological […]

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  • The Back of the Van

    “Oga, what have I done?” Gbenro says as the officer holds his belt and walks him to the back of the police van. He finds it amusing that all this officer says with eloquence is “Move, move”, that and “settle” makes up much of the police corpus. He would have laughed if not that he […]

  • How Nigerians Reacted to Mark Zuckerberg’s Visit

    1. Every thing in Nigeria starts with a prayer So he raised a prayer point Baba, help me make all this my plans come to pass….Mark Zuckerberg olori meji, na beg I dey beg oh — IGARRA BOY (@eMaYeLl) August 31, 2016 2. In Nigeria, everything leads to a turf war Mark Zuckerberg on Lagos […]

  • On His Madness

    I sat in a danfo from Obalende to Oshodi. I sat by the window. I thought of how the bus would be tight and how the window side seat would allow for some breeze that won’t get into the bus. A while later, I noticed none of those boarding the bus sat on my row, they […]

  • My Latest Experience In A Danfo

    Any lagosian who doesn’t own a car always has a friend in need in Danfo(s). Yes, there is now the Bus Rapid Transport[BRT] available in the state, but not everybody is a friend of queues. As such, danfo to the rescue. Of course we all know what a danfo is, a lagos commercial bus, painted […]

  • Would You Like To Hangout With Maheeda?

    Controversial ‘gospel’ singer signed to Yes-Mah Records “Maheeda” has organised a competition/event tagged #Win A Date With Maheeda as she will be giving all her fans the chance to win a special date with her.