12 Arrested For Shooting Pornography Movie With a Dog in Kenya (VIDEO)

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Eleven women and one foreign man have been arrested after they were caught shooting an adult movie with a dog in Nyali Mombasa.
The 12 are said to have been engaging in sex with a dog while the camera was on. According to Mombassa boss, the area has been infested with foreigners who come with different motives. Others are said to have come for tour while others come to engage in prostitution. The 12 were caught performing one of the most embarrassing sexual crime ever.

The man was capturing the Kenyan ladies on tape as they had sex with his Dog, a German Shepard. The police boss noted that many ladies have turned into such acts for money. He confirmed that the camera was confiscated and will be used as evidence. The 12 will be arraigned in court to answer to the charges.

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    1. Anonymous

      May 16, 2013 at 8:08 AM

      U people shld ve been aware of ur actions b4 engaging in datt dreadful act, stop giving us crocodile tears nw

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