Tee Mac apologizes for Bishop Oyedepo statement

Tee Mac
Tee Mac

The former PMAN president, Tee Mac’s new statement on the social networking site read:

‘You may have read on many blogs a statement i made about Bishop Oyedepo, the bloggers love to pick up any statement a celeb because they have nothing else . I was angry when I saw on a FB site by a CKN the challenge bombardier plane (Mike Adenuga has one too, sold by my partner to him) owned by Bishop Oyedepo. In Nigeria at the moment millions do not know where to take the money from to buy their next meal; millions go to bed hungry and then this opulence by a ‘Man of God’! I may have been a bit harsh and somehow regret that I even responded to that FB messgae but o am a bit outspoken and don’t mean bad.’

He ended the yesterday’s statement with: ‘If my statement about Bishop was offensive to him and his followers. I render herewith a sincere apology’.

Earlier the flutist had vented on his Facebook page when he just recently caught wind of the news that the Man of God acquire an aircraft, calling him ‘a fraud’.

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