Arik Air bans social critic, Japhet Omojuwa & 26 others from flying with airline

Twenty-seven persons have been blacklisted by Arik Air from flying with the airline on any of its routes, both domestic and international.

Reasons given for the blacklisting range from being declared wanted by security agencies, death threat, act of terrorism, fraudulent practices to unruly behaviour for declaring them persona-non grata on all its flights.

Of particular interest is the social critic and blogger, Japhet Omojuwa, whose name appears on the list. Japheth Omojuwa’s iPad got missing on an Arik Air flight. When all efforts to recover it proved furtile, he took to the social media platform, Twitter, to vent his frustration. As at now, the tablet has not been recovered and the dispossessed man, Japheth has been banned from flying with the airline.

Even George Uriesi, managing director, Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), was among those blacklisted. The Arik list which was updated on September 24, 2012, gave the reason for including Uriesi as ‘management decision’.

Moulim Boubacai, Moussa Baba and Al-Laranma Ibrahim (Somalian), who are on the list, were allegedly declared “terrorists by security agencies that they are posing threat against airlines in Nigeria”.

Warsame Ahmed Abdukardir was declared persona non-grata by UK authorities. Davies-Fasan Adesola; Ejilasis Kudirat Abike; Musa Azeez Arisekola, Adesugba Sijuade Adekoya and Oluseye Yakubu Idowu were all allegedly reported by the ‘UKBA’.

Others on the list are Nwachukwu Austin, Orji Ikechukwu, Uzoh Himman, Ikukoyi Olufemi, Grace Goubadia, Adesanya David, Olomiwe Peter Chukwu, Bakare Lanre, Lawal Lateef, Obayomi Osoba, Obiriki James, Guanah Raymos and Victor Ogbonda-Elo.

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  1. What a load of waffle from a perennial twitter noise maker! So glad he cleared up the inconsistencies in his idiotic claim and fight with Arik! Firstly the idiot tells the world that he was negligent to leave his ipad in an Aeroplane. What a moron! He is supposed to be above 30 and does something stupid like that! How many people forget their ipads in a plane? He is not talking about how stupid and imbecilic he was in neglecting his ipad rather he is trying to douse his stupidity by accusing Arik of his foolishness.

    Now later he is shifting his whole argument on a Kunle that has no capacity to represent Arik as the person who said they have found his ipad and replaced it in his bag! Firstly he should know no such staff can lay claim to such a statement and if any staff of an airline makes such an idiotic claim he should be fired. What paper work or search or proper procedure did the so called Kunle take to ascertain that his ipad was found and inserted in his bag? Does a Kunle represent the wishes of an Organization that has a customer care section? Where is the kunle he is trying to use as a cover up or blame for his stupidity in the first place?

    Knowing how stupid omojuwa is, am sure when the issue first arose he wasnt diplomatic enough or patient or followed due process to allow Arik staff do their work to get to the Root of his complains! Rather the arrogant prick thinking he is a celebrity because he tweets dross daily gives him the right in the real world to be condescending to Airport staffs and Arik.

    Starting the #Arikwhereismyipad trend was to allow him and his silly brain dead followers who neither see reason or weigh truth from falsehood to assist him in pouring venom on Arik and win in the court of public opinion but at the same time he still wrote a police report,  made an official complain and still went to the Consumer protection council while still accusing Arik staffs as thieves. So he was already the judge, jury and executioner and still wanted Arik to worship him and welcome him with open arms. You need to see the daily catalogue of abuses coming from omojuwa and his followers on Arik Daily while Arik did the mature thing and did not join issues with the twitter lunatic.

    Then to make things worse or more interesting or should i say an action only a yaba left patient can emulate, Omojuwa bought an Arik ticket yet again despite all the abuses, insults and accusations to fly an airline he has condemned and labelled as thieves and expect the Airline to have rolled out the red carpet for him because he is Omojuwa, a total nonenity riding on the wave of social media to gain cheap popularity and without twitter he is as insignificant as a fart in the wind. Arik did the best thing by denying him entrance into their flight lest he complains tomorrow that his smelly boxers and tooth brush has been stolen on the flight and he runs back to twitter to start crying like a child lacking breast milk to allow his dense followers abuse Arik on his behalf.

    Blacklisting him puts in the category of terrorists world wide and other airlines should take note and blacklist him too because he is a trouble maker, irritant and cheap publicity seeker. I am not holding forte for Arik that they shouldnt treat customers complains with levity but respect demand respect. He handled the situation badly and he has gotten his reward. I remember losing my luggages in an Arik flight 4 years ago From Abuja to Lagos and my luggages where lost in transist. I complained and was very mad at them but at the same time i listened to their apologizes and advice that i should be patient and allow due process take place! Later that night Arik staffs called me to tell me my luggages have been found and apologized profusely! Thats what being patient means and allowing due process take place! I didnt go to facebook to scream blue murder and for my friends to abuse Arik continously. As long as Omojuwa has behaved like an Animal in the wild, Arik has every right to blacklist him and the closest he would see 50million is when he is playing monopoly. See this hungry, waif looking, long necked beggar trying to use yahoo yahoo format to obtain N50million from Arik! Better go get a daily 9-5 job like everyone else and stop trying to fool Nigerians. The smart ones will read between the lines your ploy to gain cheap popularity but not I! Am still waiting for his new twitter trend #arikrefundmyticketmoneysinceyoublacklistedme! Ode Oponu!

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