Breaking News: Dana airplane crash in Iju, Lagos!

A Dana Airline plane, flight MD83 is confirmed to have crashed into two buildings at the Agege area of Lagos State.

153 passengers are said to be aboard the crashed Dana Airline plane when it took off from Abuja. The Dana Airline plane crashed at Tolulope street, off Toyin bus stop, Iju/Agbado, Lagos.

Houses burning after the plane crash

EMERGENCY: Fire Service attention needed at the site of reported plane crash in Iju, Lagos State!

Plane body part in rubbles

Please pray for our country! As many lives have been lost this day!

View list of victims here

For latest updates on the plane crash, click here

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  1. May their souls rest in peace! I sympathiz with d effected families and Nigerians in general.

  2. why! why! why? This is too bad. If i may ask, did they want goodluck out of the presidential sit? God, please, help us in nigeria.

  3. y! y! y? If i may ask, did they want goodluck out of the presidential sit by force? God, please, help us in nigeria.

  4. God pls wash dis nation 4 us bcs dis dirtyness is getin 2 mch nd 4 lives may their gentle soul rst in perfect peace

  5. This is really a tragic incidence…….All the Dana air crafts are very old….inspite of having commecial interests, airline must ensure safety first………

  6. crash in ghana, kidnapping, bokoharam, bomb blast in bauch today, now again play crash in lagos, what is happening, people are dying too sudden.
    Life on earth is nothing except for christ jesus.
    Nigeria is full of corruption and bribery.
    Mismanagement and lack of mentainance might be d cause of d plane crash, lets manage it,
    what do u mean manage?
    When lives are involved.
    We need jesus in nigeria dats all

  7. O Lord wots happening to our country….God please come HEAL our land…….may †ђξ Lord give †ђξ loss family †ђξ fortitude to bear their loss

  8. OMG…..So sad….may the lost souls find peace in our Lord’s bossom nd may God comfort the families they left behind.

  9. To me the coming of jesus is near, pls compassionate God pls have mercy, nt only in nigeria it happening all over d world

  10. things are not normal, plane crash at ghana yesterday ,today nigeria,bokoharam disturbing d peace of our nation nigeria .God pls help us there is pandemonium in our country

  11. Time to lower our pride & be ready to erase our name from d black listened . D ALMIGHTY ALLAH wil give d affected family fortitude tp bear d lost.

  12. Haba!this is really too much for nigeria. I pray that GOD in is infinite grace will forgive nig of our sin and bring things back to normal and make d lost souls rest in perfect peace.

  13. just blief me d@ dis is d beginin of disasters d@ would b apenin in dis stupid nation,Nig is full of corruption,fr d Gov fr d masses,d old d young,male n female,let’s wait n see w@ comes next in terms of calamities unless……..every1 knows w@ 2 do.

  14. First,may their soul rest in peace,the govt would try and monitor each plan b4 takeoff.and any plan that is old they would change it. & stop puting people life in damage

  15. I wonder were we are goin in this country wat could hve bin d cause? I dear mourn my prof. Owuliri an icon in uni jos

  16. Oh God .if somth lik dis kip hppning dats means our country is goin 2 end jst 1day. Bside with d live witnes i had ,i wl lik d federal gov 2 send dis company 2 hell 4 ever…..may their soul rest in d bosom of d lord Amen….

  17. l still feel so sad about wat happen this sunday it means is a black sunday this is !!!!! So pls God help us all in this country.and may there soul rest in perfect peace

  18. May de souls(in d Dana plan crash) of our departed bros and sis rest in d bossom f Christ Jesus.Amen..O! Lord have ur way in our country. Amen.

  19. May d souls f d depart ones dat lost dere lifè in dana plane crash rest n peace Amen.lord have ur way in our country ds is our pray 2tru christ our lord Amen.

  20. The dana plane crash on a (black sunday)is really a call for high time 4 govt n all airlines operators took safety issues very seriously.besides,all outdated aircraft should be banned from d country.nigeria is not a dumping ground.may d souls of d victims rest in perfect peace,amen.

  21. My advise 2 every nigeria is dis, we shuld al give our lives 2 christ becos it was written in d bible dat d last day diffent kind of tins wil be happenin, now I belived dat d world is comin 2 an end.

  22. oh!God pls send ur angel 2 us 2b in charge of us so dat dis maner of incident ll stop and let d soul dat give up rest in peace (AMEN).

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