OMG SECRET: My lecturer wants to trade an A for sex!

I have been trying so hard to resist this temptation, but my flesh is weak. See, this is the third time I am carrying over this lecturer’s course. He called me into his office yesterday and told me I don’t have to stress myself this time around if I succumb to his desires. He even said he would give me an A as compensation.

What do I do? This is the course keeping me back in school.




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  1. This is almost becoming a norm in our schools today. Sad though. Anyways, I believe escalating the issue to his superiors and God would be the right thing to do now. Afterall, that’s the only thing keeping you in school so you have nothing to lose.
    All the best.

  2. Thats one of d problems we face in our tertiary institution, pray 2 God abt it and report him to a wel reservd superior lecturer. Wit God on ur side u wil overcome it.. Plz never succumb 2 his request.

  3. Dear girl, he might not just have the A for sale but AIDS along with it. Most times they’re healthy looking carriers. It happened to a room mate of mine. In my final year. Pls do pray about it and see what the Lord is capable of doing, I’m a living witness to that.

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