Nigerian women are the most unfaithful in the world!

A survey conducted by condom manufacturer, Durex, in which 29,000 people in 36 countries were interviewed has ranked Nigerian women as the most unfaithful in the world.

The survey revealed that the top two countries with cheating women are Nigeria, with 62 percent, and Thailand, 59 percent.

39 percent of Malaysian women also confessed to having betrayed their partners. Russian women came fourth at 33 percent while Singaporeans are fifth at 19 percent.


My fellow Naija people, do you think this is true? Comments please!!!

What do you think?

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  1. And some Nigerians actually believe this survey. Without any survey and based on ordinary personal experiences, I can categorically state that the result is a fallacy and a figment of of their imagination.
    If you live in US/UK and you want to shag a MARRIED woman TODAY, I can give you 50 websites for illicit encounters. Simply log in, register and choose one. The sex is free, only register with a CC on the site. Is their any such sites in Nigeria? Show me just one!
    Have you heard of Swingers? These are couples that will meet other couples and exchange their spouses for sex. Oh, this is fidelity eh? Yeah, fidelity western style. Eat your cake and keep it. Rubbish! Is there anything like that in Nigeria? I can give you 100 of such sites in the UK/US. Just google swingers.
    So, how can a country where infidelity is a taboo have their women as the most unfaithful when we have many western countries where their women (single and married alike) drink sex like ‘akamu’ everyday?
    I think the Nigerian women in the survey are simply the most SINCERE. This is just another western hogwash. Anyone who has been a ‘bobo’ in the past (Yes, like me) will tell you African, and by extension Nigerian women (single and married) are one of the most faithful and most difficult to get their clothes off, even with the high rate of prostitution occasioned by hardship. Dont’ let anyone tell you rubbish, some of us KNOW for real. No be oyinbo we dey talk about? Yeye!

    • Rubish survey….this is another fallacy n i dont believe this. What they are trying all they mist to destroy the country!

  2. Not true cuz nigeria women are faithful except 4 some few who doesn’t have self-respect, not dignified & does not underaatand traditional values & martial vows.

  3. My pple pls just try and know only yourself, many things are happening. You can never trust women even in this hard time, hmmm – chop and clean mouth.

  4. Maybe so. But East African countries like Tanzania and Kenya can be notorious for deceiful women that cheat as well. Maybe a survey can be done to verify how many fathers (not mothers) there are to a typical family in Tanzania or how so many of the mothers leave there husbands for a better life in Canda or the USA,

    I’m not Nigerian but I know too many and have friends that are Nigerian, The women are definetly not as promiscuous and have strong family values. This survey is nonsense.

  5. i think its the other way round. this report is false and am sure written by a man. Nigerian men are worse and have no regard about their matrimonial home.

  6. pure and applied Rrrrrubishhh. Even if an arabian woman is cheating , will she confess it knowing that she could be beheaded or stoned to death?

  7. Am not shocked at the rating. Nigerian are not found virgin even at 18 yrs. Most ladies are not satisfy with a single man due to the rate and high taste of sex even at marriage. From experience, ladies tend to ask for sex too often than before. Before it was men but not anymore. The problem is not with men, is the superior patronising of lesbianism in Nigeria. Its going higher and higher everyday. So when they are not finding ladies to taste, they go for men, one man cannot satisfy with a lady to lady do. Maybe 5 men or 4.

    I agree with the rating. Up 9ja ladies.

  8. This can neva b true’ cus al d europeans nation’the ladies alwz hv 50′ men,even some of them dat manage 2 get marriage, they end up broken up with their husband’ n go in street 4 prostotution.

  9. . Ohuruogu is a drugs cheat. I didn’t say she failed a drugs test. It’s like seonome standing up in court and saying, “Your honor, I’m not a thief. I never got a chance to spend the money I took.”If you miss one drugs test, you’re probably a cheat, but there’s a small chance you honestly forgot (though, notice, no one ever forgets to show up for a race or match). If you miss two drugs tests, you’re almost certainly a cheat. If you miss THREE as Ohuruogu has done, it’s a certainty you’re using illegal substances, and you should be banned from the sport for life and, for sure, you shouldn’t be given the chance to win an Olympic Gold.She’s British. That’s her choice. She’s also a cheat. That, too, is her choice. Nothing concern Nigeria for this one.

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