Fashion Evolution: OLEKU returns with a twist!

Oleku - mixing prints and colours
Oleku - mixing prints and colours

This is from African designer Ituen Basi’s collection.  It is the famous traditional clothing of the Yorubas (one of the major tribes in Nigeria). It’s called the Iro & Buba. The Iro & Buba is usually of the same fabric or a combination of lace and aso oke. It was worn this way in the 70’s with the length of iro stopping just above the knee and this style became known as Oleku. Over the years, the iro evolved into longer versions which became quite popular.

However, Oleku has returned now, but this time with a twist. You are not limited to wearing the Iro & Buba with the same print, fabric or colour. You can now play around with colours & prints, creating that funky stylish look.

So, the next time you’re going for an outing and you want that updated 70’s look, Oleku is your best bet! It’ll sure give you the sassy look you’ve always craved for!

Oleku - the updated 70's look!

[pic credit: stylepantry]

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